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Back in 1986, Tim Breadner was a policeman in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. Rolling around in ditches while fighting criminals was becoming a tough gig back then, so Tim embarked on an entrepreneurial dream. He started his own printing company, and the days of getting his lights punched out for a paycheque were over!

Tim built his business on the principles of honesty, integrity and hard work. He listened intently to his client’s needs, and provided them with a passionate, fun loving attitude which is still evident today! In 2005, the business became part of the Proforma network, in order to offer clients the best possible pricing with the most efficient customer service available. It also meant a foray into the new world of promotional products for the company. An exciting world, that suited the founders fun loving attitude. Proforma Triple Crown was now involved in the graphics industry as a full-fledged "promotional agency".  In 2015, Proforma Triple Crown launched the online brand PromoStore.ca. A complete promotional product online store that features thousands of quality products, and the ability to purchase them online.

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